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How We Fund

The NCMIC Foundation makes financial grants and contributions to qualifying research projects, educational fellowships and other projects relating to chiropractic care and alternative approaches to healthcare.

How to Apply

To apply for funding, please submit a plan that incorporates the following:

  • The intended purpose/objective
  • An itemized budget (Please note that indirect costs are generally not considered in funding requests. Read more.)
  • Periodic milestones to measure progress

The Foundation may make educational scholarships and fellowships to individuals based on a number of criteria. If you’re selected to receive funds, you will be required to:

  • Meet all required IRS guidelines
  • Provide for periodic reports measuring progress
  • Provide the submission of the final work product to a peer-reviewed journal or other suitable publication, if applicable
  • Submit a final accounting for all funds received
  • Return any received but unused funds

Evaluation of Approved Projects

An acceptable work product will be defined by the Advisory Committee on a case-by-case basis. Possible products may include a report, publication in a peer reviewed/recognized healthcare journal, a diploma or other proof of accomplishment.

Fellowships, scholarships and other educational grants that span an extended period of time will be evaluated based on satisfactory progress, meeting of milestones, submission of progress reports and work product, etc., as appropriate.

Where to Send Funding Requests 

To apply for funding, please send the information outlined above to:

NCMIC Foundation
Mail Stop A3E 
14001 University Ave. 
Clive, IA 50325

If you have any questions about applying for funding, please contact us.

Questions and Answers on the Selection Process.

Who decides which projects/grants will receive funding?

How does someone apply for funding from the Foundation?

What type of things qualify for funding?

How are recipients selected?

Read the FAQs.


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