What We Fund

What We Fund

Chiropractic & Alternative Healthcare Projects

In today’s environment, research is not only expected but also required by policymaking organizations. Only through research will the chiropractic profession be able to demonstrate the outcomes, cost effectiveness, evidenced-based procedures and patient satisfaction demanded by policymaking organizations.

Since 2003, several million dollars have been funded in support of major chiropractic research projects and education. And this is only the beginning. The NCMIC Foundation goal is to provide $1 million in funding annually for chiropractic research and education. As of January 2016, we are more than halfway toward that goal.

The future advancement of the profession will be largely predicated on the quality of the research. Your individual contribution enables the advancement of the profession.


In progress and completed projects


Fellowships and advanced degrees

McAndrews Research Award

Award recognizing exceptional researcher ability

Published Articles

Research results published in peer-review journals


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