What We Fund

What We Fund

We're Funding the Future

Our mission is to invest in the advanced education of chiropractic research experts and to fund ongoing research projects that demonstrate the cost effectiveness, safety and cost efficiency of chiropractic and alternative healthcare.

The NCMIC Foundation, Inc. was initially funded through major contributions from NCMIC Group, Inc. as well as through individual charitable contributions from NCMIC policyholders. With these contributions, the NCMIC Foundation has been able to expand the number and the type of projects and grants funded.

Education Fellowships

To date, the NCMIC Foundation has supported D.C.s who have pursued or are pursuing fellowships and advanced degrees from more than two dozen universities.


Research Grants

To participate in today’s challenging healthcare environment, ongoing research is necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness, safety and cost efficiency of chiropractic and alternative healthcare.


McAndrews Award

The Jerome F. McAndrews, D.C., Memorial Research Fund was created by the NCMIC Foundation to honor Dr. McAndrews’ longtime support of the scientific and practical advancement of the study of chiropractic.

Meet the Winners

Currently, approximately $600,000 in funding each year goes toward efforts to validate chiropractic care, to assess its cost effectiveness and to provide educational grants for future researchers.

As part of NCMIC’s long stance of supporting complementary and alternative approaches of healthcare in clinical practice, research and academia, NCMIC founded the NCMIC Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation was initially funded in 2003 through major contributions from NCMIC Group, as well as from donations from NCMIC policyholders.

Since its founding, the NCMIC Foundation has expanded on these efforts with the assistance of NCMIC, organizations/institutions and individual doctors worldwide. The result is chiropractic research funding that is comprehensive, as well as far-reaching.

Since 2003, several million dollars have gone to funding major chiropractic research projects & education, including:

  • The University of Minnesota—Center for Spirituality & Healing—Integrative Health & Wellbeing Research Program

  • The Dartmouth College Medicare Demonstration Project Changes in Vertebral Artery Blood Flow Following Various Head Positions And Cervical Manipulation

  • The Bone and Joint Decade Neck Pain Task Force Project

  • Support of advanced educational degrees and fellowships for Doctors of Chiropractic in 26 universities and the World Health Organization

The NCMIC Foundation also provides grants to dual-degreed Doctors of Chiropractic to increase the number of people who recognize the value of chiropractic in the healthcare delivery system.


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