How to Give

How to Give

You Can Help

Our goal is to provide $1 million in funding annually for chiropractic research and education.

The advancement of the chiropractic profession will be largely predicated on the quality and quantity of clinical, scientific and educational research. Your support of this research is essential to ensuring a viable future for chiropractic.

The future advancement of the chiropractic profession and alternative healthcare will be largely dependent on the quality of research completed.

Your individual contribution toward attaining our goal will enable the chiropractic profession to collectively progress. We invite you to take part in supporting clinical, scientific and educational research.

We invite you to help chiropractic by donating one of three ways (your contribution may qualify as a charitable contribution for tax purposes):

  1. To make an online donation: 
  2. To make a mail-in donation via credit card or check, select the Mail-In Form.
  3. Request information on establishing a planned gift (leaving a legacy)

If you have any questions about making a contribution, please contact us.

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