Research projects funded


To participate in today’s challenging healthcare environment, ongoing research is necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness, safety and cost efficiency of chiropractic and alternative healthcare. 


  • World Spine Care Global Initiative and Clinics in Tanzania and the Dominican Republic
  • Logan University study with Mass General on arterial spine labeling brain response to spinal manipulation: An MRI study
  • CMCC study of mechanically induced compressive injury
  • Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium
  • University of Pittsburgh Project: A study of perceptions in a population suffering from neurogenic claudication due to spinal stenosis
  • Integrated Health & Well-Being Program at the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences Spine Care Project with Apple Care ACO
  • Chiropractors in multidisciplinary healthcare centers study (CMHCS)
  • “Can delivering chiropractic services at the PACT setting be a substitute for analgesic use?”

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  • Dartmouth College Medicare Demonstration Project. The Demonstration of Expanded Coverage of Chiropractic Services and Medicare
  • North Carolina State Employers Health Plan, Comparative Provider Study
  • Chiropractic 2025: Divergent Futures
  • Changes in Vertebral Artery Blood Flow Following Various Head Positions and Cervical Spine Manipulations
  • The Bone and Joint Decade – Neck Pain Task Force Project
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Professions or Modalities? Policy Implications for Coverage, Licensure, Scope of Practice, Institutional Privileges and Research
  • Update of Consensus Project on “Best Practices” for Chiropractic Care of Children

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"The Foundation has made strong commitments to research supportive of clinical practice. Examples include studies on the effects of spinal manipulation on the central nervous system, integrated clinical models, economics and cost for chiropractic care, and studies in health and well-being. Most of these studies have been in partnership with major universities."

– Reed Phillips, D.C. M.S.C.M., Ph.D., NCMIC Foundation Executive Director


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